Implementation of Integrated Telecommunication Projects

The rapidly developing telecommunications branch is one of the key sectors of Rossis activity.

Rossis is specialized in construction of wireless networks, optical fibers networks, access and switching systems, Local area networks and structured cabling, telecommunication and railway signaling networks, small and large-capacity wireless networks, broadband wireless networks and satellite systems (VSAT).

The experienced professionals, engineers and consultants ensure that all problems are solved within time and budget.

Rossis on its own accord has undertaken the study, design, and implementation of land, submarine and air optical networks, and we are the first company in Greece to install and commission a submarine fiber optic network in Amvrakikos Bay.

For all terrestrial fiber networks projects Rossis uses the newest and most efficient techniques like the blown fiber and mini trenching methods with the modern equipment.

With high specificity, consistency and efficient organization combined with modern methods on project execution, Rossis has carried out numerous composite projects on:

  • Fiber optic networks

  • Access and telecommunications networks

  • Structured cabling networks

  • Broadband wireless networks

  • Data centers

Providing services as for:

  • Design and Licensing Study

  • Project Management of acquisition sites for telecommunications nodes

  • Excavation and pipe – micropipe fitting

  • Micro-cabling

  • Cable connections and terminations

  • Networks activation and delivery

  • Documentation for surveying of projects

  • Maintenance and technical support

  • Mobile Base Stations Network Development

  • Network Planning & Optimization

  • Fiber Optic Network Development

  • FTTx Solutions

  • Data Network Solutions

  • Structured Cabling

  • Automation and Control Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Integrated Facility Management Systems

  • Procurement Capabilities

  • Studies

  • Geographic Data - Information Systems (GIS)

Sales of telecommunications equipment 

To ensure the ultimate in customer service and reassurance for immediate, safe, ecological and more economical solution, Rossis collaborates with major manufacturer of telecommunication, electronic and electromechanical equipment.

Having ensured stable partnerships and expertise on respecting environment and ecology, Rossis is able to design the best solution adapted to the required conditions.

With a wide range of products, Rossis offers its customers various material types used to manufacture the most modern and highly demanding telecommunication projects as well as the required instruments of testing, measurement, welding, certification, management software of cable systems and remote control and monitoring fiber optic networks system.

IT and software development.

Rossis in collaboration with FOSS contributes to the promotion and development of FOSS in area of education, public sector and corporations in Greece. The company aspires to be a center of learning and dialogue platform for Free software and the benefits of using it.

Among the operators involved are the most Hellenic Universities, Technological Educational Institutes and research centers. For implementation, we are based on our human recourses and the active participation of the hellenic community of users and developers.

Waste Management Projects

An important strategic goal of Rossis is its activation in environmental, natural resource management and green development projects.

Especially in the field of waste management it is keenly interested in energy utilization of solid waste (waste to energy), and specifically in construction, management, operation and maintenance of units for thermal treatment of household waste while producing energy.

Buildings & Infrastructure Projects

Rossis has implemented important, varying scale projects such as construction of:

  • Dwellings

  • Buildings complexes

  • Hospitals

  • Sports facilities

  • Airports

  • Stores networks

  • Industrial facilities

..in Greece and abroad.

Data Center   

An important aspect of business information is preserved in computer systems.

The value of data and information produced daily in your business are its main “fluid capital”. The infrastructure of a communication room, computer room or data center that will accommodate the central computer system of your company must ensure:

• Optimal conditions of temperature, humidity, static electricity

• Firm power supply,

• Fire protection system for high standards fire detection and fire fighting,

• Control system of physical access to the site only for authorized persons

Utilizing the expertise of Rossis engineers, your enterprise can ensure its functionality by creating the proper infrastructure in an area that must reach its ideal operating conditions.

Energy projects

Rossis is among the first companies active in installation, design, marketing and technical support of interconnected and autonomous photovoltaic systems. Also, Rossis is well versed in the legislative framework for Renewable Energy in Greece.

Rossis’s goal is to provide to our customers an integrated services, starting from the optimization of the initial investment choices of the person concerned to the final decision resulting in systems construction combined with high performance, safety of facilities and conditions for the maximum longevity of photovoltaic system.

Additionally, the company also implements software aiming to the telemetric monitoring of photovoltaic systems performance 24/7/365.

Rossis provides specialized services such as:

  • Management and Licensing.

  • Planning and Design of Photovoltaic installations in ‘turnkey’ solutions for land and buildings.

  • Selection and procurement of materials and systems.

  • Construction and installation of materials and systems

  • Project Management.

  • Staff training.

  • Systems Support (Maintenance, Technical assistance, Upgrading).

Technical Support

Rossis employs only qualified engineers (certified for the works implemented) who excel in installation and technical support of telecommunication networks and applications.

Rossis provides technical support 24/7/365, first and second level services pursuant to contracts and is the first company in Greece that can cover emergency faults by sending personnel and equipment by plane or helicopter, both in Greece and abroad.

Consulting services

Rossis's long presence in telecommunications industry has resulted in the partnerships with multi-national telecommunications providers. Rossis response to problems and the detection of effective solutions have resulted in significant expertise and experience in this dynamic industry.

Our highly trained professionals and the logistics infrastructure combined with the most current software for maintenance contracts management, fault and project management, gives us an outstanding advantage against the competition in terms of delivering projects within budget and at the predefined deadlines. The end result assists our customers to make the appropriate decisions in relation to maintenance contracts, spare parts maintenance.

Rossis is able to offer consulting services on study, design and implementation of telecommunications projects, taking in consideration the difficulties of each project and the customer’s requirements.



Rossis is a High Tech Greek Company specializing in Telecommunications, to meet the needs of private and public companies providing high quality integrated "turnkey" solutions.

Its aim is to offer its customers high technology products and services, in order to maximize the competitiveness and profitability of their corporation.

Through a strong competitive presence we have expanded our activities with success, through ongoing training and growth in the area of study, construction, commerce and informatics, by creating strategic partnerships in each specialized field.





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